Reported by Consumit? Here’s How to Get a New Loan!

Are you a bad payer Consumit and want to get a loan? Have you been flagged for a delay in payments? Find out how to securely have new liquidity!

For those who have suffered a protest or even for those who have only a close family member to whom a protest has been contested in the past it is very difficult to ask for a personal loan. The bank or the credit institution can refuse to provide a personal loan even to those who, even if they have not suffered a direct protest, delayed the payment of some installments of a previous loan.

In this case, it is considered “bad payers” and this is recorded in the databases, such as the Central Risk, from which the financial and credit institutions draw information on the applicant to verify its reliability. Although there are various alternatives on the market that offer a great deal of elastic and flexible products, especially in recent months the criteria of judgment of the applicants have really tightened up: even short delays and loan requests not granted, eg, are sufficient for refusal to grant the requested sum.

So, if Consumit has reported you to the databases and is now bad payer, so that a person, even with previous credit difficulties, can still get a personal loan, you can proceed in three ways:

1) activate an employee loan or retiree, or assignment of the fifth. This mode offers a great guarantee to the creditor, since the installments will be paid directly by the company for which the applicant works, and not by his person. Even if he has had problems then, the granting institution grants the loan without further, and superfluous, verifications in the SIC;

2) activate a proxy loan. Also in this case it is the company that deals with the timely payment of the loan installment, withdrawing the necessary money directly from the employee’s paycheck;

3) proceed with the cancellation operation from the databases as ” bad payers ” and from the protest register. To do this it is necessary to have settled all the previous debts. Furthermore, in the specific case of the “protested” there are legal rehabilitation deadlines: after paying the protested installments, it will have to spend a minimum of one year.

While in the case of ” bad payers “, the more the installments will be paid late or the longer the delay will be long, the longer the time will have elapsed between the adjustment of the debt and the cancellation from the registers.

Consumit has reported you as a bad payer? Do not be afraid to request a new loan! If you have the right requirements, immediately request a free quote, we at Isocredit can help you!